I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force.  Having spent several years active duty, I still have the work ethic and belief in honesty and integrity, born of my service.   I later earned a biochemistry degree from the University of Cincinnati.

This is an “accidental” business.  I decided to build a guitar for myself a few years ago.  I thought, “how hard can it be?”  Well, plenty hard!  But, I found that I loved working with the wood and having an artistic streak, as well as my analytical/scientific side, luthiery fulfilled both.  I get tremendous satisfaction out of working with guitars and creating them.

I sold the first guitar that I built and ended up building a guitar on commission for the buyer.  My business has grown from there.  

My philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to sink a ton of money, to own a truly great instrument.  When you buy a factory made instrument, you’re buying an “average’.  That means that 50% of the guitars made are better than yours and 50% are worse.  You can hope your in the first group.  Why pay several thousand and only hope you’re in the upper 50% in sound?  You have a good chance at owning an average instrument, or even worse, a below average instrument.  This is what factories, even those here in the US, shoot for.

I make all of my guitars by hand, using old fashioned hand tools.  I take the time to voice the tops and backs, to bring out the best that they can deliver.  I refuse to compromise on materials.  I use hot hide glue and I install dovetail necks.  There are no nuts and bolts in my guitars.  

All of my guitars feature ebony fretboards and bridges, bone saddles, and nuts.  You have the choice between bone or buffalo horn bridge pins.  All guitars come standard with Schaller Grandtune premium nickel butterbean open geared tuners.  

All of my guitars are french polished with shellac, the best finish for a guitar.  

I do all of the inlay in my guitars.  Until recently, I’ve inlaid designs commercially available to luthiers.  I’ve started designing and cutting my own inlay.

I also repair guitars, and I reset necks.  I also restore historical guitars.  I do not charge an arm and leg for these services.  

​Contact me for all of your luthiery needs.  

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